About Us

In search of a life that had more purpose and meaning, Danny and Liz Gilbert, along with their three boys, left a home, promising careers, family and friends and moved to Gadsen, Alabama. Their destination was Big Oak Ranch. This ranch was no ordinary ranch; it served as a refuge to orphaned, neglected and abused boys. The roles Danny and Liz were about to accept woven together with their previous youth involvement in the church seemed to create the perfect fit.
With a desire to be obedient and follow the calling the Lord had clearly given them, the Gilberts grew into their new parental roles of providing love, comfort and care to numerous boys, sometimes with a count as high as ten. In addition to parenting skills, they quickly learned that hard earnest work such as pitching hay, feeding livestock and collecting eggs was also required in this simple life-style. Even the task of clothing the children could absorb an entire day by the time you collected all the generous donations. This “simple” life was a valuable four year experience.

Once again, God called and a vision was laid upon Danny’s heart in the fall of 1998 to establish a new home in Charleston, South Carolina. Danny, Liz and their three boys returned to Charleston in the summer of 1999 without any guarantees or promises. their only assurance was trusting God.

A mere blueprint of what would someday will be one of the premier children’s home in the country continues to be the driving force behind their dream. This premiere home will be known as Eagle Harbor.

Danny and Liz are devoted to the cause of children and their deepest desire is that you join with them and experience the joy and peace that comes when you help change the life of a child. Believing that Eagle Harbor will be the difference between life or death to hurting children all over, it is our responsibility to provide the kind of care which empowers these children to rise above the circumstances that once held them captive….