Referral Information

Eligible Participants

  • A child must be between the ages of four and twenty one years old.
  • A child must, in the professional opinion of the referring and Child Care Staff, be able to benefit from such a program and would not present undue circumstances to Eagle Harbor.

Ineligible Participants

  • A child who has been adjudicated as a delinquent.
  • A child who has a drug or alcohol dependency.
  • A child who is a chronic sex offender.
  • A child who has a history of setting fires.
  • A child who has a serious history of suicide attempts.
  • A child who has medical problems requiring substantial medical attention.
  • A child who is psychotic.
  • A child whose I.Q. is determined by the Full Scale Intelligence Quotient to be below 70.

Admission Procedure

The goal of Eagle Harbor is to provide the best care possible for each resident. In order to provide the best care, each applicant is reviewed to insure that our facility can provide the care that the applicant requires.

Intake Process:

  1. Contact Eagle Harbor for an information packet.
  2. Complete application and return it to Eagle Harbor.
  3. The Eagle Harbor Child Care Staff will review all supporting documentation (school records, medical records, counseling records, psychological testing records, etc).
  4. Interview with the parent and child by the Child Care Staff.
  5. Pre-placement visit with child and family/referring agency.
  6. Upon admission, a written Assessment Plan will be established. Input and agreement between Eagle Harbor Child Care Staff the referring agency, and the child's family is encouraged.